Future of Sustainable Fashion & Fundraising

Parker Clay is a company that started in Ethiopia with only a few employees and a handful of sewing machines in a small factory in Sababa. Over the last few years, we've grown to a team of over 200 worldwide. Our growth has been supported by our world-class training program, which we call the Center of Excellence. This program provides mentorship, programs, advancement opportunities, financial literacy training, and community events.

For our team, Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We've become the single largest exporter of finished leather goods in Ethiopia, building a vertically integrated supply chain at the source. We own our own factory, which allows us to control every step of the process, be less vulnerable to market forces, and provide transparency to our customers.

At Parker Clay, we believe that our model is the future of the fashion industry. We are committed to making better choices that are sustainable and ethical. We believe that we can do it all at the intersection of profit and purpose, where our beliefs and values determine where to invest our resources.

Our impact is not only limited to our business, but it extends to the community around us. We tend to think down to the small, thinking about the individuals that we work with, and that's what has shaped our journey so far. But we also think big, envisioning our model as the future of the fashion industry.

We've created a brand that is loved around the world and has impacted thousands of lives. But we see this as just the beginning. We're introducing a new way to go further together. We invite you to invest with us at Parker Clay to support our vision directly with your investment. Invest today, and let's build the future of fashion and manufacturing together.

If you're interested in learning more about our investment opportunity, visit our website at invest.parkerclay.com.